Freud’s Requiem

Reviews and Media Coverage

The New York Times Book Review August 7, 2005

“Although psychoanalytic ideas provide a backdrop, von Unwerth is equally interested in the characters and experiences—contemporary and historical—that informed Freud's thought . . . Von Unwerth’s unconventional approach is refreshing, and his literary fluency brings vitality to a well-worn subject.”

Library Journal July 2005

“Delicate, powerful, and full of beauty [with] prose that floats like music. The lives of [Freud and Rilke] make such a powerful story that one wonders why it took so long to hear it. Essential for most libraries and for humanists and scientists alike.”

Kirkus Reviews June 15, 2005

“A thoughtful riff . . . An interesting disquisition on a small moment that would loom large in Freud’s imagination.”

Publishers Weekly May 23, 2005

“Unwerth proffers biographical interpretations of Freud’s theories on love, attachment, narcissism, grief and mourning, in an accessible, intriguing and daringly speculative study of a little-known work by the ‘father of psychoanalysis.’ ”